Trauma-sensitive yoga


Peaceful Embodiment- feeling comfortable in your own skin, rediscovering a sense of power and wholeness within yourself



Cultivating self awareness- reestablishing a line of communication with your body allowing you to stay fully connected and present



Building a toolbox of techniques that allow you to access the practice everyday, both on and off the mat



The asana practice is a basic flow consisting of breath work, postures and relaxation designed to slow down the movements of the mind and reveal suppressed conflicts within the body, this flow depends on the individual needs of the client, there is no “right” or “wrong”.



Helping build resilience allowing you to calmly and confidently navigate stressful situations.


who's trauma sensitive for

In our culture there is often a degree of guilt that comes with acknowledging our own trauma, we tend to associate the word only with cataclysmic, earth shattering events, and so fail to recognise when an accumulation of minor traumas has left us with a feeling of frustration and stress. There will always be people who have it worse than you, and those who have it better, this does not invalidate your personal experience, and it should not be an obstacle to addressing your own challenges and living with a sense of wellbeing. In short, trauma sensitive yoga is for anyone, at any stage of life, who is dealing with the challenges of the human condition.


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