Full Circle Yoga is the only trauma-sensitive practice operating in the UK


trauma-sensitive yoga

With Lydia Hitchock

I am currently the only qualified 200 hour, trauma sensitive yoga teacher operating in the UK, I offer group classes which incorporate methods from this system into a more traditional Hatha flow. I am also available for private classes in which I will explore with you, in more depth, the unique healing benefits of Trauma Sensitive Yoga.


My Philosophy

The name “yoga” is Sanskrit for “union” and for me, the true essence of the practice is exactly that, a union between body, mind and breath. To me yoga is not a gymnastics competition, but neither is it a new age philosophy club, it is a holistic discipline, and to treat it as either a purely mental or purely physical pursuit will be a detriment to your practice as a whole. This thinking has drawn me to teaching methods that recognise the distinctions between “mind” and “body” as imaginary, and that view the human being as a whole.



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